Baby Sunshine CC creates unique web sites which help you reach the goals that you have for creating an online presence - whether it is for a business web site or for personal use.

** Examples of our work can be seen by visiting the links section. **

How does this work?


Once there is a small down payment received as a sign of good faith, I will send a basic questionnaire to get things going. This asks questions about  what you would like out of the site, any ideas you have, vital information, etc. I will make-up a mock site  you can view and if it meets your approval, the process begins.

How can I get a site I love very quickly?


Best solution... find a site or a few sites you like... get an idea of the style you like and send me the links... we can take the elements you like about a site and incorporate them and I can get an idea of things you do not like as well. If you have your own vision, that is great too. We strive to make that dream a reality!

How long does this take?
  Turnaround time all depends on how much information I am given and how many graphics I might need to create. A simple page can take as little as an hour to create while complex pages could take upwards of a week.

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